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Where in the 50 Nifty United States have the Shermans been?

California –– Lindsay traveled to San Francisco with her parents in 2001 … and wore the same outfit the entire week because she didn’t realize that just because it’s summer in California does not mean it’s going to be warm…

Colorado –– Our Pack Up + Go surprise travel adventure sent us to Denver for our first wedding anniversary in October 2018.

Delaware –– Both grew up going to the Delaware beaches and we’ve taken day trips to Rehoboth Beach and Delaware Park (racetrack and casino).

Florida –– Lindsay’s been to Disney World twice and a family vacation to Tampa once; Lindsay traveled to Orlando/Tampa every January from 2015-2018 for work; and we took a spring vacation to Ft. Lauderdale / Miami together in April 2018.

Georgia –– Lindsay’s cousins, Lauren and Jen, both lived in Atlanta when she visited them in 2009. She’s also been for work once.

Illinois –– Lindsay went to Chicago for a work conference and sought out gluten-free Chicago pizza that she will never forget.

Kansas –– Lindsay went on a work trip here, too. It was mostly forgettable except for the barbeque.

Kentucky –– Mike went to Louisville for work when he worked for Papa John’s. John’s place was cool, but Louisville sucked.

Maryland –– Home for both of us. Baltimore born and raised.

Montana –– Another work trip for Lindsay, back in her environmental career days, for the Society of Environmental Journalists conference. She’d love to go back!

Nevada –– Vegas, baby. Lindsay went with a group of 10 friends in August 2010. It was hot as hell, but a blast.

New Jersey –– Lindsay’s been to Stone Harbor and Atlantic City;

New York –– Lindsay has taken numerous day trips to NYC before, and a weekend-long trip for a work conference.

North Carolina –– Lindsay’s alma mater is here, so she actually lived in NC and still has numerous friends who live there. We’ve visited them and also took a trip to the Outer Banks in June 2018.

Pennsylvania –– We have family members who live just over the MD/PA line, and our favorite restaurant/brewery/cidery is in PA as well!

South Carolina –– Lindsay’s been to Myrtle Beach; Mike had a stop in SC on a motorcycle trip to Florida.

Tennessee –– Lindsay visited her best friend from college when she was attending grad school in Knoxville.

Texas –– One of Lindsay’s best friends, Mary, is from Dallas. Lindsay’s been to visit her more times than she can count since 2010, and Mike joined for a visit a couple years ago. Yeeeeeehaw!

Utah –– Lindsay attended the 2017 Young Living International Convention in Salt Lake City.

Vermont –– Lindsay’s been three times so far; once for an alumni relations conference, and twice to visit the printer for the magazine she edits.

Virginia –– Another of Lindsay’s best friends lives in Alexandria, and Mike is sometimes in VA for work. Lindsay spent a ton of time here in the first few years after college since many of her friends lived and worked in Northern Virginia. We also took an anniversary cabin weekend trip to Shenandoah for New Year’s Eve 2016.

West Virginia –– Another work trip for Lindsay. The Chesapeake Watershed Forum was a wild, wonderful, and weird experience.

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