Where We’ve Been – Abroad

Where in the world have the Shermans been?


Looking at this map… we have a lot of work to do! It’s hard to see which ones are colored in with the smaller countries, but we break it down below.

North America

Lindsay went to Toronto and Niagara Falls with her parents as a teen. Many family trips during that time included seeing the Orioles play on the road since Dad worked for them.

United States:
Duh. We live here. I didn’t even want to include this on the map.


September 2016: visited Dusseldorf, Cologne, Heidelberg, and Munich
October 2017 (honeymoon): visited Berlin and Munich

September 2016: visited Maastricht and Amsterdam (got engaged in Maastricht!)
October 2017 (honeymoon): visited Amsterdam and Maastricht

October 2017 (honeymoon): visited Zurich, Lucerne, and Mt. Titlis

October 2017 (honeymoon): visited Brussels and Bruges


United Arab Emirates:
Lindsay traveled to Abu Dhabi and Dubai in May 2015 to visit her friend who was stationed there with her husband.


Dominican Republic:
Mike has been here twice with a buddy of his.

Lindsay has been twice with family: Her parents go every winter and were nice enough to take the family with them in February 2010 and 2011.
Lindsay and Mike took our first big international trip here together in September 2015. That’s the first time Lindsay told Mike she wanted to marry him.


Lindsay spent the spring semester of her junior year (February–June 2008) in Perth, Western Australia. While there, she adventured to Esperance, Margaret River, Rottnest Island, Melbourne, and Sydney. She’s dying to go back and take Mike with her.