Ready, Set, Go!

So, what are you guys doing for your first anniversary?
We’re going on a long weekend trip!
We don’t know!

Yeah, that’s basically how the conversations have gone with anyone in our lives for the last few months.

Back in July, when thinking about our upcoming wedding anniversary, we knew we wanted to take a trip, because it’s what we do. But with everything that has happened in this first year, the last thing I wanted to do was go into my usual hyper-planner mode. And we didn’t have the first idea of where we wanted to go!

Enter Pack Up + Go!

Our travel packet, alongside Lindsay’s anniversary present for Mike… a perfect quote for our anniversary trip!

What is Pack Up + Go?

It’s a surprise travel agency. Essentially, you give them your budget, your dates, and your likes and dislikes, and you trust complete strangers to make your travel arrangements, keeping the destination a surprise until the day you leave. Talk about an extreme exercise in letting go of control for a Type A person (ahem, Lindsay…).

So here we are: Two days before our anniversary, one day before we’re supposed to be at the airport at 6:25 a.m., and we have no idea where we’re going. There is a packet (pictured above) already tucked away in my backpack, which we’ll open when we arrive at BWI.

The hints we’ve received from our planner, Zach, about what to pack:

  • Walking shoes (hint: there’s so much to see and do in this destination, so you’ll be covering a lot of ground)
  • An empty stomach (hint: this city has some seriously good food – and great gluten-free options!)
  • A camera (hint: this city is known for its amazing scenery)
  • An outfit for a night out! (we’ll make sure you celebrate your anniversary in style!)

Well, here goes nothing! We’ve each planned surprise portions of trips before, but this is the first time that neither of us has any idea what we’re doing or where we’re going.

Be sure to check back to hear how the trip went!

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