Meet the Shermans

She’s just a small town girl, living in a lonely world… Wait, no. That’s a Journey song, and it was the top song on the “Do Not Play” list for our wedding. So let’s start this over again…

We’re two Baltimore natives who grew up just a couple miles apart and had a couple near-misses on attending the same schools, yet our paths didn’t cross until our late 20s at a bar on New Year’s Eve. I’m sure we’ll get to our meeting story at some point, but for now, let’s go over the basics here.

Let’s Meet the Shermans…

Him: Mike. Almost 32. Grocery store general manager. Beer lover (especially Belgians and Germans) and pizza fiend. Never lived outside of Baltimore. Tough on the outside (tattoos and a motorcycle), total softie on the inside.

Her: Lindsay. Not-quite-as-almost 32. Editor and writer. Cider convert (fibromyalgia requires me to eat a gluten-free diet) and cheese addict. Went to North Carolina for college and spent a semester in Australia. Soft on the outside, even softer on the inside… but learning how to fight and get stronger every day, both inside and out!

Conquering Lindsay’s fear of heights at the top of Mt. Titlis in Switzerland on our honeymoon – Oct. 31, 2017

Five years ago, it’s unlikely that either of us would have predicted this partnership in adventure. Yet here we are: Two 30-somethings with two very different experiences growing up, seeing the world, and forging our paths. Since those paths converged, we’ve learned a lot about and from each other.

This blog will be our attempt at documenting our lessons in navigating marriage, life, and the world. We hope you’ll join us for the journey!

Until next time,

Lindsay & Mike
(but mostly Lindsay…I am the writer, after all)

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